Week Two of rehearsals for Before the Party


Bathsheba Piepe (foreground) in rehearsal for Before the Party

JMK Assistant Director Flora Longley-Cook takes an overview of week two of rehearsals for Before the Party.

Week Two moves quickly, with an especially deceiving pace due to the Easter Break, but despite that we’ve stormed through Act Two.

The atmosphere of the rehearsals room focuses and shifts subtly with the plays changing tone. The darkness of the piece creeps in and the comedy starts to become shocking. With this shift, the characters humanity starts to become more apparent and we can begin to see who they really are.


JMK Assistant Director Flora Longley-Cook with Director Ryan McBryde

Characters that we have cringed or laughed at show their real sides, or more accurately, we can see them more clearly. We’ve laughed at them and now we need to take them seriously … for the most part – there are still a lot of jokes!

We have a fun start to our last day where Ryan sets up an Eater Egg hunt with the chocolate eggs hidden around the set. An impressively quick (and manic) search and the actors are ready for a run of Act Two to end the week.

Before the Party runs in the Main House from Thursday 4 May to Saturday 27 May. For tickets or more information please contact the Ticket Office on 01722 320333 or visit www.salisburyplayhouse.com


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