A gig for kids

We asked Kid Carpet a few questions about The Super Mega Rockin’ Rock Show – the perfect half term treat for 4-10 year olds.

Super Mega Rockin Rock Show alternative.jpg

How did you start producing theatre shows for family audiences?

I started making theatre for children and families as a kind of naturally organic accident. After making a bunch of albums and touring non-stop to rock venues, festivals and nightclubs for 4 or 5 years, my partner and I decided to start a family. After the baby popped out I found it really difficult working at night. A year or so later as I was having that serious chat with myself about where my career was going I noticed that I had about 200 recordings of songs and skits made on my telephone whilst child-caring. Listening to those recordings I thought maybe I should make an album for kids. A few weeks later I saw a shout-out from Theatre Bristol and The Tobacco Factory asking for fresh ideas for theatre shows, especially from non-theatre artists. Looking back over those recordings I decided to apply for the residency to make a theatre/rock show/cinema experience that would make me feel like I was in The Muppets, Bagpuss, Tiswas and The Beastie Boys all at the same time. A year later and Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals was on tour and my ‘career’ was rescued from impending oblivion.

Can you tell us a little about The Super Mega Rockin’ Rock Show?

Super Mega Rockin’ Rock Show is like a ‘best of’ my work for children and families. There are songs, videos, interactive audience participation bits, games and puppeteering, all presented as a gig for kids.

We get to meet Gorilla, Badger, Bear and Hedgehog (The Noisy Animals), we adventure through the story of their first show while occasionally nipping off into space, having a quick Penguin Race and flying on some Golden Eagles before we end up at a gloriously anarchic stage invasion and Dance Contest. Bring yer Dad, he’ll love it.

Actually, a Dad wrote to me yesterday after seeing Super Mega Rockin’ Rock Show in October and this is what he said: “We loved the show. So many children’s events are patronising, boring or just a bit rubbish. Your show is the opposite of all these things.”

What will the song writing workshop involve?

In our song writing workshop we will make up some brilliantly simple songs from scratch, brainstorm ideas, write lyrics, form bands, choose a really good band name and do our first gig. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got no experience of making up songs or playing music, we’ll make something fantastic and have plenty of fun doing it.

The Super Mega Rockin’ Rock Show is in The Salberg on Wednesday 15 February as part of Theatre Fest West. For tickets or more information please contact the Ticket Office on 01722 320333 or visit www.salisburyplayhouse.com. The song writing workshop is now sold out.


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