A technicolour trip through the last proper youth movement

Nora, Dora and Kat from In Bed With My Brother explain more about their latest production, We Are Ian.

We Are Ian image.jpg

Can you tell us a little about We Are Ian?

We Are Ian is about our mate, Ian. Ian is 46. Ian is from Manchester. Ian is a former DJ and a Painter and Decorator by trade. As three women in our twenties doing theatre, we don’t have much in common with Ian. But Ian was our age in 1989, the height of the Acid House movement in the UK. It’s a technicolour trip through the highs and lows of the last proper youth movement, told straight from the horse’s mouth. Mainly, the show is a lot of fun; not conventional, but it’s a fast-paced spectacle – a visual and often hypnotising whirlwind with a surprising political punch. we-are-ian-credit-matt-austin-1

What inspired you to create this piece?

Ian asked us to make a show about him. Originally he wanted us to make an epic 12 part drama about his entire life, but we had other ideas… As a working class man, Ian’s voice is not often one that is heard in theatre so it was really important to us that his was the only one present in the piece. His stories, humour and just general being is what has inspired this show. It’s as crazy, fun and vibrant as Ian is.

What do you enjoy most about the producing theatre in the south west?

All three of us met whilst studying together at Exeter University and we decided to stay down here after being given the graduate residency at the Bike Shed Theatre. There is such a great, creative community down here and what we love about being part of this community is how supportive and nurturing everybody is. It’s difficult sometimes talking about theatre in the South West because London is supposed to be the centre of the universe, but there needs to be more recognition for regional theatre-making; there’s more time, more affordable space and there’s a lot of talent. And also, everyone’s your friend, and there’s loads of cider, which is always good.

We are Ian is performed in The Salberg on Friday 17 February as part of Theatre Fest West. For tickets or more information please contact the Ticket Office on 01722 320333 or visit www.salisburyplayhouse.com.

Photos by Matt Austin


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