A heartfelt love letter to songs

Little Bulb Theatre writes about its latest production, Wail.


Can you tell us a little about Little Bulb Theatre and the work it creates?

At its heart Little Bulb Theatre is a group of friends who love making theatre and music together.  We originally formed at Kent University in 2008 and, following the success of our first show, Crocosmia, in Edinburgh that year, we’ve been lucky enough to keep making work ever since.  Over that time we’ve performed in a huge variety of formats from small intimate gigs to large-scale bespoke commissions and everything in between.  We often work with music, live and recorded, and love the challenge of writing songs and composing in new genres for different projects, sometimes even learning new instruments if we feel it’s necessary.  We are fascinated by, and constantly exploring, the relationship between theatre and music and Wail is no exception.

What was the inspiration behind Wail?

Wail came about because of an invitation by the Nuffield Laboratory to work in collaboration with a scientist from Southampton University to create a Work in Progress performance for their Fulcrum Festival in 2014.  The subject and scientist with whom with felt the greatest affinity was Professor Paul White whose research into Underwater Acoustics and the song cycles of Humpback Whales we found fascinating, and thus began a rehearsal process full of fact-finding, song writing and whale-style wailing (which we may or may not get you to do too)

What can audiences expect from the production?

Well, lots of songs, a bit of science and definitely some silliness, as is true for most of our work.  There’s a live quiz, Male Whale Choir, and, if you’re lucky, a short visit from a (huge and aquatic) surprise special guest.   In brief, it’s a comical but heartfelt love letter to songs, singing (whale and human) and the reasons behind why we communicate in song.

Wail is performed in The Salberg at Salisbury Playhouse on Saturday 25 February 2017 at 2.45pm and 7.45pm as part of Theatre Fest West. For tickets or more information please contact the Ticket Office on 01722 320333 or visit www.salisburyplayhouse.com.


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