An unforgettable journey – Transports visits Salisbury Playhouse

Pipeline Theatre tells us about the inspiration for their play, Transports, and why they love producing theatre in the south west. 

What inspired you to create Transports?

Transports was Pipeline Theatre‘s first show back in 2013. Designer Alan Munden’s Mother, Liesl, was a Kindertransport refugee, and was on one of the last trains to bring Jewish children to an uncertain safety in 1938. When Anna, his daughter and actor, turned 16 in 2013, the same age as Liesl when she fled Germany, designer Jude Munden, had the idea that it would b775808_orige fitting to honour that history by asking Jon Welch, a playwright friend, to create a piece inspired by that story. Did he ever! Pipeline was formed to produce Transports by Alan, Jude, Jon and his wife Tod, who plays Lotte. They had all worked together before for other companies as freelance writer, designers and actors, and the chance to put their hands more firmly on the tiller seemed timely and appealing.

What do you hope audiences will take away from this production?

We do now know, as well as you can, what people take away from Transports, and it is more then we ever hoped for. There is a precious moment of eloquent silence from the audience at the end of the play, a moment shared with the company, short but telling. I think it speaks of a shared experience and understanding particular to theatre. People tell us that they continue to ponder, worry and care for the characters days after the house lights come up. This is especially pleasing; to have characters that have been made real by remarkable performances and writing, who leave the theatre and inhabit  the world and solicit care, is a wonderful thing.

What do you enjoy most about producing theatre in the south west? 5915897_orig

We are a Falmouth based company, and it’s where we make our work, specifically at the Tolmen Centre in Constantine, who have been incredibly supportive. There is a remarkable hub of small and medium scale theatre companies making work in West Cornwall, and that group gives great moral, physical and critical succour to one another. It is always lovely to perform in the south west, building a local audience, and it’s closer than everywhere else!

Transports is in The Salberg at Salisbury Playhouse on Thursday 24 and Saturday 26 March 2016 as part of Theatre Fest West. For tickets or more information please contact the Ticket Office on 01722 320333 or visit the Salisbury Playhouse website


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