What does happiness mean to you?

image by farrows creative

Karla Shacklock tells us more about The Happiness – a fast, fun, thoughtful and physical new dance theatre work which visits The Salberg as part of Theatre Fest West 2016

The Happiness is a highly physical, visual and visceral experience involving dance, spoken word, live sound and constantly changing images and landscapes. We question what happiness is and where it comes from, what it actually feels like in our body and what we think might ‘make’ us happy.

When the audience members arrive they are invited to post their own ideas about happiness on the Happiness Board. We collect these minutes before the performance and include them in the work so it is a real tapestry.

In creating the production we realised that happiness itself can vary in how it actually feels in the body – sometimes it’s fizzy or explosive, sometimes it’s quiet and serene. In our exploration of hapimage by farrows creativepiness we encountered such a huge spectrum of emotions it felt only right for the show to encapsulate this too; after all, happiness isn’t straightforward.

We’ve seen our audiences laugh, we’ve seen them cry and at the end of the show we’ve seen them jump up on to the stage and explore their own happiness.

Catch The Happiness in The Salberg at Salisbury Playhouse on Saturday 19 March at 7.45pm. For tickets or more information visit the show page or contact the Ticket Office on 01722 320333.

(Photos by Farrows Creative)



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