Stepping Out Cast blog #2

Cast member Adrian Grove updates us on what is happening in the Stepping Out rehearsal room with just two weeks to go till opening night

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Photography by Dominic Parkes

“Well here we are, just over two weeks into rehearsals and all the elements are being brought together like a jigsaw puzzle by Director Adam Penford. Lighting plots are being prepared, scene changes are being worked out, all those extra 80’s props are filling up the rehearsal room and costume fittings continue with a tweak here and there. (Did we really wear that to go out in 1984? Was that a hint of a sequin we spotted? How big could you get your hair with a bit of back combing and some Harmony hairspray?).

Today we started with vocals, yes you heard right. Ben, our Musical Director, warms our voices up with a series of scales and tongue twisters. Try singing “Unique New York” or “Ken Dodd’s Dad’s Dog’s dead” whilst going up the scale. Then the girls harmonised, sounding like the Military Wives’ choir. Mrs Fraser (Elizabeth Power), the pianist, has been doing a favour for the Vicar, but just what that is you’ll have to wait and see… Needless to say she’s a lot more versatile than she makes out! And if she’s not around who will tinkle the ivories?

Andrew Wright, the choreographer, has been drilling us with military precision as the sounds of tapping feet ring out across Salisbury, drawing passers-by to the Box Office like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. All this is interspersed with shouts of: “Where does that hand go?”; “Is it up on one, down on four, or up on four, down on one?”; “Who’s got my stick?”.

Thankfully, during all of this there’s always time for a visit to the Encore Café at the Playhouse for a latte and a piece of cake (try the apple & blackcurrant flapjack with a yogurt topping – it’s amazing!!!). Having said that, I’m not sure what the general public think as we stroll around in leotards and tap shoes. Not me of course, although…..if Maxine (Louise Plowright) had her way who knows! Right, that’s enough clues!

Book now to avoid disappointment, especially as my mother has booked a coach load. We all look forward to seeing you very soon.”

For tickets visit or phone the Box Office on 01722 320333.


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