Cast blog: Adrian Grove on Stepping Out

Stepping Out the perfect cure for Post Olympic Blues:

The cast of Stepping Out start rehearsals at Salisbury Playhouse!
Credit Dominic Parkes

If you are anything like me you will have been glued to the television for the last two weeks as Olympic Fever swept the country, but what now? How can we maintain that feel good spirit, how can we cheer for the underdog and how can we keep ourselves on the edge of our seat, fingers crossed hoping that at the finale everything will be alright?

Tap Step Forward… Director Adam Penford (Associate Director on the West End & Broadway Smash Hit One Man, Two Guvnors), Choreographer & Olivier Award Nominee Andrew Wright, Designer & Tony Award Nominee Matthew Wright and the theatrical comedy gold that is Stepping Out.

Rehearsals started a week ago with a cast that includes myself, Adrian Grove, and nine, very talented and lovely girls, it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!

To say the set is amazing would do it an injustice, it really does have the wow factor. The Stage Management team filled the rehearsal space with props, costumes, doors, stairs and a piano (that’s enough clues!!). And then it was on with the tap shoes! Muscles ached, hats went flying, and life imitated art, but boy are we having fun.

The Wardrobe Department is weaving its magic with a plethora of delights from the 1980’s? Remember Olivia Newton-John – leg warmers, high-waisted leotards, & fishnets, what on earth will they dress me in?

But underneath all the glitz and glam, Adam Penford’s direction unfolds the truth. These are not just characters but real people like you and I, with real worries and problems, brought together in the most unlikely of settings, and when all else fails laughter really is the best medicine.

Will Dorothy ever stop worrying about her London transport problem? Will Vera be able to put down her lavatory brush long enough to practise her time step? And where will Geoffrey get changed with 9 girls taking over?

Find out from September 6th to Oct 6th 2012.

For more information visit or call 01722 320 333 to book now!


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