‘Parallel’ Blog: Voices From The Rehearsal Room

The Parallel rehearsal room was full of excitement and such a buzz as I entered, with a great range of actors and backstage crew of all ages from Oaklodge Secondary Special School and Stage ’65 enthusiastically creating the opening number! There was a definate sense of collaboration between all the members and they sang such entertaining lyrics. It was inspirational to see a wide variety of people from different backgrounds working together.

After watching the opening number I spoke to the Assistant Director about the rehearsals this week …

“It’s been an exciting week and great to integrate the Oaklodge students into the opening sequence. The company are showing a lot of promise.

Carl Woodward

I then spoke with many members of the Blue company, all of which were from Oaklodge School about their experience of creating and performing in Parallel:

“My favourite part is when we rehearse our scenes and get to practise our lines.”

It has taught me to sing better and speak louder on stage!”

I am looking forward to my family and grandparents seeing me perform.”

– James and Kieran

“It has taught me about the Olympics and the history of the games.”

I am looking forward to performing on the Main Stage.”

I just enjoy taking part and performing because we don’t get to do it a lot and it’s a moment in your childhood.”

– Bennito and Zach

I enjoy being with different people.”

I am looking forward to performing on stage with others!

– Liam B and Daniel F

The cast of Parallel in rehearsals at Salisbury Playhouse. Credit Irene Piera


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