Parallel Blog #2:

Stage ’65 rehearsals for Parallel at Salisbury Playhouse. Credit Irene Piera

Oliver Davies joins a Parallel rehearsal and interviews some of the cast:

Last week I went to a Parallel rehearsal with the Oak Lodge team and some of the other Stage ‘65 teams; each team was named a colour. During rehearsals we (I joined in) played lots of games based around Parallel and the Olympics one of which was a personalised game of “zip zap boing”. Wanting to find out more about the show, we interviewed four of the performers; Callum, Suzanne, Holly and Rob.

Callum was from the Oak lodge school and was really enjoying the rehearsals. He said that he’d never done anything like this before and he has had a great experience, he wishes more people to join because they should. Callum explained that Parallel is a musical performance with lots of songs in it, and they are working with English Touring Opera!

Suzanne explained what the show was about and she said that it was based on different Olympics games, the history, the people and in one scene they are focusing on a famous athlete who cheated. They have been stretching their acting skills and are creating different views for different people. She loves the fact that they will be singing as it is her passion.

We interviewed Holly and Rob together. They said that they were really enjoying working on Parallel and that it is a great experience. Rob said that it is good to stretch and make friends, even when you are nervous. Holly quoted that everyone should give it a go because everyone is really supportive and you can never do anything wrong at first.

It was great to watch the rehearsals, all of those who think “maybe next year” should do it, get in there, have some fun!

By Oliver Davies, Parallel Marketing Team


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