‘Parallel’ rehearsal blog #1

Hello Parallel fanatics! This is our first rehearsal blog of the new and upcoming show – Parallel. This musical show is being devised from scratch and is going to be performed by talented members of Stage ’65 and Oak Lodge special school with music from English Touring Opera!

Because Parallel is a devised piece, the acting company get to be really creative in rehearsals exploring all possibilities and deciding which will make the final cut! This means we will be discovering lots over the next few weeks, and will be reporting back to you via this blog. What we do know already is that audiences will be treated to a special promenade performance, which will lead them around parts of the Playhouse you don’t normally see, taken on a musical discovery of performance before reaching the auditorium for the main performance!

So far in rehearsals, the Parallel acting company have been busy researching information on the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

They have also started to bring ideas to the promenade routes, and chosen who is going to lead each route for you Olympics inspired evening! One company has even started to think of lyric ideas to the songs that will be sung throughout the event!

Keep looking out every week for whats going on, we have lots planned including all the gossip from Stage Management and a video blog from some of the acting company… coming soon!



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