Sam Stone blogs about being on Work Experience at the Playhouse…

Hello, I’m Sam Stone and I’m on a work placement here at the Salisbury Playhouse as the Technical Assistant on this years ‘Barebones Project’, Romeo and Juliet: Unzipped.


I’m currently studying BA Theatre Production at Bath Spa University, and for one module I’ve had to find a month long work placement, and this was an opportunity too good to miss! Today is only my second day of placement and we are well and truly into preparation week with everyone getting ready for the rehearsal process which starts next week.

I’m working with a great, talented team consisting of individuals such as Mark Powell, the Director of Participation here at the Playhouse – and Director of Romeo and Juliet: Unzipped and Dave Marsh the Deputy Head of Stage at Salisbury Playhouse who is heavily involved with the BareBones Project. They have made it incredibly easy for me to feel at home at the theatre along with the other students on placement.

So far I have done a pre rig for a touring company including patching and focusing aiding me to get to know the Salberg Studio a little better. Today was all about preparation for next week’s work on Romeo and Juliet: Unzipped, getting AV visuals designed and going through scripts looking for Sound and Lighting cues, which I can create ready for rehearsals.

This week is all about communication so with key production meetings and constant communication throughout we should have everything ready to go for the start of rehearsals on Monday!

Great experience so far. Really enjoying it.

Sam Stone. BA Theatre Production student at Bath Spa.

2009 production of Romeo and Juliet: Unzipped - the production Sam's assisting on. Photograph by Dominic Parkes


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