Stage ’65 Blog: Good Night, Sleep Tight

Hi all! Sorry this is a late entry, we’ve just been so focused on the show it’s hard to squeeze anything else in!

In the last few rehearsals we’ve been developing some new scenes, because Good Night, Sleep Tight is a devised performance scenes are created and pieced together. One new scene is called ‘Cry’ and looks at the times we’ve cried in bed, and the comfort our duvets have brought us. We also developed the ‘Camping’ scene, featuring a hilarious moment of Ryan trying to move in his sleeping bag.

The Wardrobe team have measured the cast, which means they will be busy working out the costumes, sourcing from the Wardrobe Store, which is a big store of all sorts of costumes here at the Playhouse and using some pieces of costumes the cast have brought in. This week also marks the arrival of some of the blankets, sheets, beanbags and futons that make up our set, which is very exciting, as we can get a feel of how the set will impact our scenes.

Our task for this week was to bring in music that reminded us of dreams, for the Sound Team to sort through and piece together to include in one of our scenes.

Our dream diaries worked really well, giving us a lot of ideas to work with whilst devising our ‘Dream’ Scene, which we have started in the last couple of days.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well I think that’s about it for this week, catch you next time!


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