Stage ’65 blog: Good Night, Sleep Tight


Stage ’65 take over the Salisbury Playhouse Blog offering insights to rehearsals for the Youth Theatre’s upcoming show:

 Good Night, Sleep Tight, 31 October – 5 November



Good Night, Sleep Tight is a devised piece by the senior members of the Playhouse’s legendary Youth Theatre. For the first time the Playhouse’s Rehearsal Room will be transformed into a performance space. Snuggle up and join us for a bedtime story you’ll never forget.

Every week company member and ‘marketeer’,  Megs Slark will be keeping you updated on rehearsal room antics, what the backstage teams are working on and other Stage ’65 shenanigans.


So, let’s get down to business. This week, the cast have had four rehearsals. We’ve been working on the ‘Clubbing’ scene, which has developed from Roger McGough’s poem, Comeclose and Sleepnow. We’ve also revised ‘The Ballet of Sleep’ scene, which shows a night’s sleep in a short three minute scene, and is, if I may say so myself, quite beautiful!

We started working on a ‘Dream Scene’. We’ve been asked to start a Dream Diary as research for the scene. So every morning we’re waking, armed with our notebooks to record what dreams we had that night. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember any of mine this morning…

As well as rehearsals, the cast of 11 (including me) have roles in backstage departments such as: design, wardrobe, marketing, lighting and sound, so we’ve been busy meeting with Playhouse pros armed with ‘to do’ lists – but more on that next week! 

Joe testing out the 'bed seats' for Good Night Sleep Tight.


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