Opening Week

It’s opening week, and in four days we’ll be throwing open our auditorium doors for the first time in months.

It was heads down and full concentration as the Way Upstream cast moved to the auditorium last week for their final week of rehearsals. Whilst the cast were getting to grips with the boat’s movements and their new space, stage management were busy working out the best way to make the perfect replica of early 1980’s food packages for the fight – apparently a real can of Heinz Baked Beans could do some damage if struck on an actor’s head.

On Friday we passed the Fire Safety inspection, and today the all important Health and Safety inspector gave the thumbs up, much to the joy of our Production Manager. Now it’s on to ‘tech week’. The creative team has returned to Salisbury as the lighting and sound cues are put together with the cast ‘staggering’ through the play, making sure every line and cue is in place. Two dress rehearsals are scheduled for Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. On Wednesday our photographer has the challenge of shooting through the dress for production photos, no mean task with the show staged almost in-the-round. Check back at the end of the week to see these.

Thursday night the first audience is in for the preview. Box Office report that the first week of shows is just about sold out and the rest of the run is selling quickly – what a fantastic way to start the season. The front row is now on sale, so book soon if you want top seats and don’t mind the odd splash!

Box Office: 01722 320 333 or book online on our new look website

New seating arrangement for Way Upstream in the Main House.


One thought on “Opening Week

  1. Matt says:

    Saw the show on Friday night – really enjoyed it. There’s a real ‘wow’ factor in seeing people acting on a boat, floating in a theatre. It’s a tribute to the actors that you forget about that as the story takes over.

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