All Aboard the Hurford Bounty

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Work is really picking up speed this week! We welcomed our lovely cast (see who they are here) and creative team to the building on Monday. And it was great to have our incoming Artistic Director Gareth Machin with us for the Meet and Greet. This is when Playhouse staff and visiting cast and crew stand in a large circle, armed with caffeine and biscuits and bombard each other with their names and job title/role. A bit overwhelming, but a great way of making sure the new arrivals feel part of the Playhouse team straight away.

Thankfully the sun stayed out late last night, as the (Noman) Conquest – or the Hurforth Bounty as it is soon be renamed was taken out to the New Forest Water Park where she took a number of trips around the lake. First Paul Dodgson, who’s creating original sound and music for Way Upstream was hanging off the side of the boat with a boom, recording different sounds to be used in the production, he’s also composing some music and a song.

Once the serious work was done, the cast  were treated to a spot of boating. With Mike (Head of Stage) at the helm, and Alex (Deputy Electrician) manning the ropes, the cast were off and had fun exploring the boat’s little cabins and testing out their sea legs. Director Lucy, and the stage managers, Ellie and Christina had a go too.

This is the first and last time the cast will be on the boat before the final week of rehearsals in three weeks time, and we’re pleased to report no one fell in, despite some adventurous climbing on deck! Thanks to  Lydia Stamps Photography


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