4 Weeks Down – 5 Weeks to Go

After what’s felt like a very quiet few weeks, with lots of staff on their summer holidays the building has come to life again this week! Team Workshop has been hard at work completing the walls of the tank, the bridges have taken shape and, today the sides of the river bank are starting to be added. The banks are carved out of polystyrene and will be painted and made to look muddy with grass. So far, all good, and it seems the construction work is actually a bit ahead of schedule.

Because the auditorium has been reconfigured, audiences who’ve booked for the grandstand seating get an extra adventure of crossing the river via the bridges to get to their seats. This has meant the Front of House teams are rallying the troops of volunteer ushers to make sure the auditorium is well manned – you can find out more about becoming a volunteer usher here

The boat has returned to the Playhouse workshops, where it’s getting a lick of paint and some serious re-wiring by the Electrics Department, who need to add dimmer lighting to the cabins in the boat, amongst other things. And soon we’ll be drilling holes in the side to allow for pullies to move the boat around when it’s in the water.

Next week the cast arrive, and the building will suddenly be a hive of activity. We’re hoping to take a big trip out to the nearbyNew Forest Water Park for a spot of boating one evening next week.

We’ve had a whole host of help from some wonderful people and organisations, so we would like to say a huge thank you to Price & Myers and Freeman & Partners  for their advice. Porton Aquatic & Pet Centre  for their generous donation of the huge role of pond lining. New Forest Water Park  for helping us test the waters and mess about on the lake. Hudson Green & Associates  for their help with the insurance, and Discovery Yachts who are helping to amend the boat for its new found life as a theatre boat.

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