Maiden Voyage

 Two years of preparations and secret plans have come together this week as work started for Alan Ayckbourn‘s Way Upstream, which will run in the main house 8 September – 8 October. The boat took its maiden voyage on Wednesday at a water park in Hampshire. The Production team were all there to see it safely into the water – and we’re pleased to report that it floats.

Director Lucy Pitman-Wallace and Designer Janet Bird visited to present the model box on Thursday. There was a great turn out with over 20 of us gathering in the main house excited to see how the production is going to look and work. The model box showing is the first time a lot of the team gets to see a perfect replica of the set design – but x20 smaller. Lucy introduced the play and shared her vision for the production, with mentions of UV light!

As expected with such a mammoth project there was lots of discussion on health and safety; could audiences fall in? Where will the exits be? Will stilettos get stuck in the bridge flooring? Janet commented that her set ‘wasn’t so much design as technical health and safety’. It was very strange to be told that where we were sat in rows A B C and D, in two months time will be water!

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